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Things you should know about Russ

Russ Sainty, one of the UK's original Rock n Roll singers, has just reached the ripe young age of 85 and has lived most of them following his dream of performing.


Talk to Russ these days and he still has all the enthusiasm of a teenager, taking all his wife Ann's energy to get him to take things easy. Russ has an incurable heart condition called Amyloidosis and is receiving some tremendous treatment in The Cardiac Department at Queen Alexander Hospital, Cosham, Portsmouth.


Determined to repay some of the debt he feels to QA, Russ had recorded 10 tracks for a new Rock n Roll Album, the profits from the sale of CDs and downloads to go to the hospital. Considering Russ's illness, he had to summon up every ounce of inner strength just to get through the vocal sessions and his performances on each track are electric!


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I'm proud to call him my friend.

Paul Kaye Jones